The VET Review - OSHA Fines to Increase

ATRI News - January/February 2016

The Auto & Truck Recyclers of Illinois is composed of some of the most prestigious and responsible businesses in the state.  We are an industry powerhouse and represent a significant amount of commerce in Illinois.  Like all businesses, however, we are affected by international economic change.  The low price of scrap metal on the international markets has had adverse impacts on our industry.  It is important we stand together to protect one another and the industry as a whole.  We need to ensure our operations are bulletproof because the smallest violations can have a great impact on business.  It is times like these that environmental compliance and safety need to come to the forefront of operations to reduce the risk of penalties.  VET Environmental Engineering, LLC (VET) is here to assist recyclers in gaining compliance with the complex requirements imposed by federal, state, and local regulations – and stay there. 

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Sara HamidovicComment