The VET Review - INCARES: Medalists Awarded!

ARI News - November/December 2015

We would like to congratulate Marty, Debbie, and the staff of Northlake Auto Recyclers on earning 1st Place and an INCARES PLATINUM Medal and for earning the title of the MOST VALUABLE INCARES MEDALIST.  Northlake’s score represents a 1.73% increase from the score that earned them 1st Place in 2014.  This just goes to show you that even the best of the best has room to improve – everyone does.  I always tell people that at Northlake I would eat off the ground (an entire meal).  The facility is immaculate, clean, shiny, and expertly managed.  Marty sets the bar high when it comes to management of his people and processes.  He makes sure that things are done right and when they are not he holds his folks accountable.  Debbie is a recordkeeping ninja.  She ensures all compliance related tasks are complete and that they are documented and filed properly.  Documentation and recordkeeping are where we typically deduct the most points on audits.  It is not an easy job, but Debbie does it right.    

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Sara HamidovicComment