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Environmental Compliance Software

Safety Compliance Software

Safety and environmental compliance are integral parts of a responsible business.  If undertaken with diligence, these principles can help protect your workers and real estate, protect your business from liability, and prime your business to succeed.

VET has observed that many businesses struggle to keep up with the federal, state and local safety and environmental compliance requirements.  This is typically because the research into applicable regulations, development of training and inspections, and following through to implementation is just too much work.   

Our program relies on innovative and responsive software that provides you what you need, when you need it – no research, no development, no muss, no fuss.  Our team of professionals develops what you need to comply with your local requirements and will ensure your assigned materials stay up-to-date.  Let us help you comply by streamlining your training and inspections.

Advantages of VET’s software program:

Minimize frustration and improve productivity.

Our software assigns you what you need to do, when you need to do it. You will be provided the materials and details you need in an email with instructions on how to proceed.

Prevent costly fines.

Never forget or fall behind on training or inspections because the system will send email alerts reminding you to stay on top of your assigned tasks.

Free up time to manage your business.

Delegate training and inspections to chosen employees. You will only receive alerts if your company has fallen out of compliance. This allows you to know which departments and managers need additional attention and which departments are staying ahead of the game. VET will train you or your managers to use the software. We will help you build a system that is right for you.

Perform training and inspections on your smart phone, tablet or PC.

The web-based platform is accessible anywhere your phone or tablet has service. We will also upload your valuable compliance-related documents to an external storage cloud what will allow you to access these documents anytime and anywhere you have internet!

Manage multiple locations through one portal.

We will help you build a system that is right for your unique business. Our software allows you to manage multiple locations or departments from the comfort of your office! You will be alerted about departments that fall out of compliance so you can focus your efforts there. VET will train you or your managers to use the software.

Protect your valuable investment in compliance.

The external cloud storage and electronic storage of your compliance-related documents ensure your investment is not lost in the event of a tragedy (fire, tornado, theft, vandalism, disgruntled employee, etc.).

Contact us to discuss how our safety and compliance software is right for your business.