INCARES: Are you proving your competence?

ARI News - April/May 2015

For this edition of ARI News I am sharing an article that Mike James of James Environmental Management, Inc. (JEM) in Round Rock, Texas shared with me.  Mike has been a part of our industry for a long time.  He and I have begun working together to be able to bring excellent environmental and safety compliance consulting to auto recyclers nationwide.  Mike is a business associate, a mentor, and a friend.  I make like a sponge when he talks because he’s been around the block a time or two.  He sees the big picture for our industry.  Mike’s stance is that we, as an industry, need to send a message about our competence.  We need to run the “junk yard mentality” out of our minds, our customers’ minds, and the regulator’s minds.  I hope that his article hits home for you like it did for me.  

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