Illinois Green CAR: Are you proving your competence?

ATRI News - May/June 2015

For this edition of the newsletter I am sharing an article that Mike James of James Environmental Management, Inc. (JEM) in Round Rock, Texas shared with me.  Mike has been a part of our industry for a long time.  I try and learn something from everyone I meet.  Mike is someone I can learn a lot from - he has been around the clock a time or two in this industry.  His article discusses the big picture for our industry in today's market and regulatory atmosphere.  Mike's stance is that we, as an industry, need to send a message about our competence.  We need to run the "junk yard mentality" out of our minds, our customers' minds, and the regulator's minds.  I hope that his article hits home for you like it did for me.

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Sara HamidovicComment