Top 5 Tools for Compliance

1)    Delegate!

You, the manager, are busy!  It is time to start realizing the value of YOUR time.  Businesses that effectively delegate tasks are more compliant.  While you may avoid compliance-related tasks, your employees will not.  Take advantage of your employees’ desire to impress you and give them the opportunity to shine – while taking something off your plate.

2)     Make sure your compliance plans are up-to-date.

You may need a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), a Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plan (SPCC), or both.  Make sure you have these documents in place and to keep them current.  Missing, outdated, or incomplete compliance plans are one of the most frequent violations from environmental agencies.  A qualified environmental consultant can conduct a quick facility audit and compliance plan review and let you know where you stand!  Remember, plans are only valid for five years.

3)     Invest in a compliance software program.

Choose a program administered by a professional familiar with requirements for YOUR industry and state.  The program should provide recordkeeping, safety training materials, required inspections, due dates, and reminders.  A good program will give you peace of mind, help you maintain compliance, and stay organized.  Let someone else research requirements and develop materials so you can focus on performing the tasks and running your business. 

4)     Start Daily/Weekly/Monthly Clean-ups and be involved!

Cleanliness and tidiness provide prospective customers and regulators with a first impression of your business – make it a good one!  Periodic clean-ups, even ten or fifteen minutes long, should be a priority and should involve EVERYONE.  If the boss is doing it, it must be important – right?  Keeping work areas clean and tidy will also reduce the risk of safety related issues (slips, trips, falls, etc.) and increase employee efficiency.

5)     Reward Excellence.  Don’t tolerate mediocrity.

Good leadership is paramount – morale trickles down from management.  Conduct regular walkthroughs of your facility.  Rewards as small as a lollipop, $5 gift card, or being released from work a few minutes early are surprisingly effective.  Make it public: “Joe’s been doing a great job keeping his station clean!”  Staff that wasn’t rewarded will work harder to earn their own reward, or praise.  Build a little friendly competition.  Of course, poor performance should also be addressed.  Never allow substandard activities to continue – stop it, and correct it, the minute you see it.

Junkyard?  I think not.

Sara HamidovicComment