The VET Review – IL Green CAR 2017



ATRI - September/October 2017

Wilson Shealy – VET Environmental Engineering, LLC
Grace Miller – Environmental Scientist, VET Environmental Engineering, LLC


Yep, it’s that time of the year again!  No, not tax time.  No, not that time when you have to be in the same house as your in-laws for 7 hours straight. No, it’s time for: the 2017 VET Review!

This year VET has conducted IL Green CAR audits for 30 Illinois auto recycling facilities!  If you are still thinking about scheduling an IL Green CAR audit for 2017, please call us and we will do our best to get you in before the Auto & Truck Recyclers of Illinois (ATRI) Convention in September.  In this article we are proud to recognize our first certified facility of 2017!  Coultas Automotive Recycling is a returning PLATINUM Medalist and continues to lead the state!  VET was very impressed with Coultas’ continued dedication to excellence; their hard work is obvious and we appreciate the standard they are upholding for the auto recycling industry.  Way to go, Ed and the Coultas team! 

After each audit, members are given the option of working with VET to improve their initial score (this is included in the price of the audit).  Members are marked as “PENDING” until this process is complete and have until September 15, 2017 to improve their medal standing.  Everyone’s been knuckling down since their audits to make improvements this year, and we’re seeing a lot of beneficial changes to the facilities of new members and returning members alike!  2017 IL Green CAR awards will be presented at the ATRI Convention and Trade Show, to be held at Chicago U-Pic-A-Part in Chicago, IL on September 28 and 29, 2017.

As a reminder: IL Green CAR Certification is awarded based on the following grade scale:


SILVER Certification - 75% Compliance with IL Green CAR Standards
GOLD Certification - 85% Compliance with IL Green CAR Standards
PLATINUM Certification - 95% Compliance with IL Green CAR Standards



Coultas Automotive Recycling Superstore (99.44%) – PLATINUM
ABC Auto Parts – PENDING
Aero Auto Parts – PENDING
Ashley’s U-Pick-A-Part – PENDING
Auto Parts City – PENDING
Auto Parts City North – PENDING
BC Automotive Inc. – PENDING
Bill Smith Auto Parts – PENDING
Bionic Auto Parts – PENDING
Chicago U-Pic-A-Part – PENDING
Collins Truck Parts – PENDING
Dan’s Used Auto Parts – PENDING
Decatur Auto Parts – PENDING
Elgin Super Auto Parts & Sales, Inc. – PENDING
Frank’s Westside Auto Parts, Inc. – PENDING
I-55 Auto Salvage – PENDING
Mack’s Auto Recycling – PENDING
New Cats Auto Parts – PENDING
Rhodes Auto S/S/S – PENDING
River Valley Truck Parts – PENDING
Rockford Auto Parts, Inc. – PENDING
St. Louis U-Pic-A-Part - PENDING
Scotty’s Auto Parts – PENDING
Shelby and Sons, Inc. – PENDING
Speedway Auto Parts – PENDING
Stafford’s Auto Parts – PENDING
United Road Towing, Chicago Auto Pound #2 – PENDING
United Road Towing, Chicago Auto Pound #6 – PENDING
Xpert Coring and Recycling – PENDING
Y-Yard Auto & Truck, Inc. – PENDING

Don’t forget, VET will award a “Most Valuable” award to the medalist who best supports the IL Green CAR program and helps us to grow through recommendations and referrals.  If you’ve seen the benefits of the IL Green CAR program, please tell your friends and colleagues! The stronger our group is, the more positive impact we can have on the standards of the auto recycling industry!  We will also present a “Most Improved” award to our medalist who has made the most significant improvements to their facility over the course of the year.  Thank you to all our medalists and new members for your support – we look forward to seeing you all at the ATRI Convention and Trade Show!  Keep up the great work, and enjoy the rest of this beautiful summer!


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