On the Road to Certification: The Benefits of a PennCARES Audit

PARTS - Winter 2017

Grace Miller – Environmental Scientist, VET Environmental Engineering, LLC
Molly Daugherty – Environmental Technician, VET Environmental Engineering, LLC

Scheduling a PennCARES audit is kind of like scheduling an annual check-up for your facility: we review your paperwork, look around your shop, and ask if you’ve been leaking anything you shouldn’t.  PennCARES audits provide a safe, confidential environment to ask the questions you may not want to bring to the attention of a regulator.  Don’t know what safety equipment you need?  Don’t know where to get current fire extinguishers?  Don’t know how to legally dispose the fluids you handle?  It’s never too late to determine your risks and start changing your process!  VET will provide recommendations based on your specific situation.  Regular PennCARES audits can act as a preventative measure against bigger issues down the road, like getting cited by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).  Plus, PennCARES audits are more affordable than most independently offered audits, and significantly more affordable than regulator fines.  Protect your bottom line!

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