IL GREEN CAR: Professional or Self Audit? In 2016 it's your choice.

ATRI News - March/April 2016

Facility audits are the core of the Illinois Green Certified Automotive Recycler (CAR) program.  Members are certified using a rigorous and dynamic auditing system developed by VET.  VET performs professional audits in odd-numbered years and IL Green CAR members may self-audit in even-numbered years, although we always recommend a professional audit for thoroughness and objectivity.  Entrance audits for prospective IL Green CAR members must be conducted by VET to maintain the program’s integrity, high standards, and consistency. 

So what’s the difference?  Why pay for a professional audit?  What will you do in 2016?  This article will lay out the pros and cons of both options so you can decide what makes sense for your business. 

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