And the Winner Is........

Veldman's Auto Parts 

VET's feature of the week is Veldman's Auto Parts.  The team at Veldman's earned the Indiana Clean Yard GOLD Award this year.  This is a huge accomplishment for them and we are so proud!  

What is the Indiana Clean Yard Award?  

The first step to become an Indiana Clean Yard is for the owner or operator to conduct a self-audit of the facility using the Auto Salvage Recyclers Workbook, and fix any issues found. Then, the owner or operator can submit the Auto Salvage Recyclers Certification Program Environmental Self-Audit Checklist and Certification Statement (both available on the IDEM Forms page). IDEM will then review the forms and schedule a site visit to verify that your facility follows environmental regulations, has necessary licenses and approvals, and has an effective recycling program. If IDEM finds no issues during the review and site visit, they will present you with the Indiana Clean Yard Award.

What is the Indiana Clean Yard Gold Award?  

Indiana Clean Yard - Gold Level is a higher level of recognition for auto salvage recyclers that meet the criteria to be an Indiana Clean Yard, and make a greater commitment to environmental protection. This is achieved by using Best Management Practices (BMPs) and having a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). IDEM will use a checklist to evaluate the BMPs when you apply for Indiana Clean Yard Gold Level. An IDEM representative will contact to you to schedule a visit and review any BMPs you have put in place. IDEM will also evaluate your SWPPP. A score of 75% or better on the BMP checklist and a complete SWPPP will qualify you for Gold Level Status. 

Below you will find some images of why Veldman's was awarded the Indiana Clean Yard Gold Award and why they brought home INCARES PLATINUM in 2016.

  1. Veldman's quarters their tires and stacks them tread up. This prevents the tires from accumulating water and reduces mosquito breeding ground. 
  2. Veldman's uses IBC totes cut in half and covered as battery storage containers. By cutting the IBC totes in half and using lids it prevents contact with water and prevents over-stacking of more than 3 batteries high.
  3. An outstanding example of fluid containment!  Here Veldman's has put their fluid containment container into a secondary steel vault.  This will allow any spills or failures to be collected by the secondary containment. Veldman's also put a metal roof over the containment area which helps keep any precipitation from collecting. Lastly, the fluid containment area is located on an impervious surface.  This is a creative and practical solution!  

Well done Veldman's!  This is a fantastic honor and you have all worked very hard to make your yard one of the best in Indiana.  Your attention to detail on your yard is top notch.  We are proud of all of your hard work!

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