FEATURE: Client of the Week

CalCar Quarry

This week's featured facility is Calcar Quarry in Paoli, IN.  These guys have been taking compliance to the next level.  They built a new shop this year and have been making some impressive additions to ensure their compliance. 

They have installed a compressed air tank storage area with multiple stalls, each for different types of compressed air with appropriate chains (and the chains were fastened!!!).  Next, they have created a centralized safety station for first aid supplies, an emergency eye wash station, eye and ear protection, and a fire extinguisher.  Lastly and most impressively, they have installed a metal railing and had the load limit determined above their offices.  This area houses all of their controls for the mechanical systems.  They installed permanent stairs and a chain to block off this area.

Great improvements Calcar!  We are thoroughly impressed!! 

Got Compliance?

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