The VET Review - INCARES: 2016 Medalists Awarded!

ARI News - October/November 2016

We would like to congratulate Marty, Debbie, and the staff of Northlake Auto Recyclers on becoming the first facility in the INCARES program to receive a perfect score on their audit! They have once again earned 1st Place and an INCARES PLATINUM Medal. Northlake’s score represents a 2.57% increase from the score that earned them 1st Place in 2015. I’ve told Marty that it’s virtually impossible to get a perfect score on the INCARES audit, but he took it as a challenge. And boy, do I stand corrected! Northlake also earned Indiana Clean Yard GOLD Certification through IDEM, adding an extra 2% to their score. 

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Sara HamidovicComment