The VET Review: Big Success in 2015!

ARI News - August/September 2015

It has been a busy spring and is lining up to be an even busier summer!  We are proud to say we now have 15 INCARES facilities!  Please give us a call soon if you are interested in joining this influential group of Indiana Auto Recyclers.  The summer will go by quickly and we want to ensure everyone that wants to be involved gets an audit.  Please do not be shy.  Not everyone gets certified the first time we conduct an audit.  But, what I can say with certainty is if you are willing to work through your deficiencies we will find a way to get you there.  Our medalists and new membership should all be very proud of the commitments they’ve made.  You have taken a huge step toward environmental and safety compliance, improving your business, and gaining peace of mind.       

VET audited seven members since the last edition of the VET Review went to press. These seven facilities are all working to improve their certification level and obtain their medals. At the conclusion of each audit members are given the option of working with VET to improve their initial score (this is included in the price of the audit). Members are marked as “PENDING” until this process is complete. Our members have until August 10, 2015 to improve their medal standing. Awards will be presented at the ARI Summit in Indianapolis.

One of our new members recently told us that he “wishes this program was around 20 years ago”. This was fantastic for us to hear. We make a big effort to make a meaningful difference to each of our members. At the conclusion of our audit you WILL know what you are doing well and where you need to improve. This eliminates the guessing game. You know where you need improvements then it is up to you to commit to those improvements, or to take the calculated risk to hold off. Either way, you will sleep easier knowing exactly where you stand.



Ray’s Auto Parts (98.28%) – PLATINUM (PROMOTION from 2014)

Brothers Auto Parts – PENDING

Crossroads Auto Recycling – PENDING

Hundt’s Auto Salvage – PENDING

Liberty Auto Salvage – PENDING

Pic-A-Part, Indy – PENDING

Vander Haag’s, Winamac – PENDING

Archie’s Auto Recycling – Audit Scheduled

Beard’s Auto Parts – Audit Scheduled

Car Recyclers – Audit Scheduled

Crushers Auto Recycling – Audit Scheduled

Legal Chop Shop – Audit Scheduled

Midwest Jeeps – Audit Scheduled

Northlake Auto Recyclers – Audit Scheduled

Veldman’s Auto Parts – Audit Scheduled


Northlake Auto Recyclers (97.77%) - PLATINUM

Car Recyclers (95.40%) - PLATINUM

Veldman’s Auto Parts (89.66%) - GOLD

Ray’s Auto Parts (89.08%) - GOLD

Legal Chop Shop (86.21%) - GOLD

Archie’s Auto Recycling (79.89%) - SILVER

Midwest Jeeps (78.74%) - SILVER

Beard’s Auto Parts (77.01%) - SILVER

Crushers Auto Recycling (75.29%) - SILVER

Sandy and I are very excited to present awards at the Summit in August. We hope to see all of our medalists in Indianapolis! VET will award a “Most Valuable” award to the medalist that supports the IL Green CAR program and helps us to grow through recommendations and referrals. If you’ve seen the benefits of our program please tell your friends and colleagues. The stronger our group the more meaningful it is to each medalist. Finally, I will present a “Most Improved” award to our medalist that has made the most significant improvements to their facility over the course of the year.

I am available to chat anytime. You will never receive a bill from me for a ten minute phone call or for asking a question. We are involved with this industry because we like it and are passionate about it. It makes us happy to see our clients succeed. Please give us a call anytime. My cell phone number is (812) 327-2838. Thank you to all our medalists for your support and I look forward to certifying more deserving INCARES members this year!


Got Compliance?

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