Introducing a Compliance Game-Changer for Illinois!

ATRI News - May/June 2014

The long, cold winter has made for a productive and exciting spring, both for us and Mother Nature!  As we are sure you are aware, times change and the world of environmental regulations is constantly evolving. The current buzzwords are “green” and “sustainable” and to further those themes, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) will require, starting in 2015, that all compliance documentation be submitted electronically.  For some folks, this will be second nature.  For others this may seem like a daunting and unfamiliar task.  In response to the expected requirements, VET is pleased to introduce an individualized, web-based compliance program that will streamline operations for recyclers, improve our ability to serve you, and exceed regulatory requirements.  With this article we will provide the Auto and Truck Recyclers of Illinois, an idea of what’s to come.

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Sara HamidovicComment