The VET Review: IL Green CAR Update

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ATRI News - January/February 2015


We would like to welcome our FOUR newest Illinois Green Certified Automotive Recycler (CAR) Medalists to the program: Aero Auto Parts, C&J Auto Parts, I-55 Auto Salvage, and New Cats Auto Parts.  VET audited six new facilities and certified four since the last edition of the VET Review went to press.  We have two facilities that were audited and are now working towards certification, and two more audits scheduled for December.  Our new and improved program has been successful this first year.  The IL Green CAR Program ended 2013 with eleven IL Green CAR members.  By the end of this year we are on track to have at least nineteen.  That represents over 170% growth this year!  Thanks to all of the Illinois auto recyclers that have made this possible.


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