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VET Environmental is uniquely positioned to offer low flow sampling technologies for a variety of monitoring well networks of different sizes and complexity.  We utilize low flow sampling  groundwater purging and sampling procedures in order to accurately obtain representative groundwater samples in compliance with required stabilization parameters.   VET typically utilizes Micropurge© low-flow sampling technology to purge groundwater and collect samples and possess a familiarity with electric submersible pumps and dedicated bailers. VET routinely provides low flow sampling expertise to a wide variety of clients ranging in size from small business owners to large electrical utility providers. We provide support for corrective action programs, site investigations, and other various regulatory needs.    


The United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) published the final iteration of the Disposal of Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) for Electrical Utilities on April 17, 2015.  The rule states that CCR landfills are to be regulated as solid waste landfills under RCRA subtitle D.  The CCR rule also establishes rules for closure of CCR sites and sets rules for groundwater monitoring programs of CCR land fills and surface water impoundments.

Groundwater sampling at CCR sites can be difficult due to specified sampling procedures within the CCR rule.  Groundwater sampling at CCR sites must measure total recoverable metals with a sample turbidity of less than five (5) nephelometric turbidity units (NTUs) and without using field filtration.  It has been argued that without field filtering (0.45 micron filter) the sample would be biased higher (for metals) in wells that have high turbidity.  The USEPA counter-argues that proper well construction should limit turbidity thereby reducing the transfer of solids into the wells.  The USEPA also states that groundwater sampling at CCR sites must utilize low flow sampling methodology that includes measurement of key indicator parameters including turbidity.  

QED Environmental Systems (QED) provides a summary of information pertaining to the groundwater sampling requirements at CCR sites