Safety and compliance are two integral principles to a responsible business.  If undertaken with diligence, these principles will secure your workplace environment, protect business stability and prime our business to flourish. If disregarded, your business will inevitably suffer hard-hitting penalties.  VET observed that many businesses struggle to keep up with the federal, state and local guidelines of safety and compliance regulations because they were lacking a system of implementation.  VET's system for implementing safety and compliance relies on an innovative and responsive software.  Our safety and compliance software is an individualized, web-based compliance system that hosts your safety and compliance programs and streamlines training and inspections.

Safety and Compliance Software Advantages

  • Minimize frustration and improve productivity - the software identifies what you need to do and when you need to do it
  • Prevent costly fines - never forget or fall behind on training or inspections with a unique email alert system
  • Free up your time - delegate training and inspections to chosen employees
  • Perform training and inspections on your smart phone, tablet or PC
  • Manage multiple locations through one portal

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