Molly Daugherty

If you don’t stick to your values when they’re being tested, they’re not values: they’re hobbies.
— Jon Stewart

Cell: 812-929-8139
Main: 812-822-0400
Fax: 812-650-3892

Molly joined the VET team in 2016.  She has a BS in Business Administration from Ball State University (2002) and comes with many years of business experience.  She has owned her own cleaning/personal assistant business for over 10 years and is starting a landscaping business with her husband.  Growing up as a custom homebuilders daughter, Molly brings many skill sets to the VET team and enjoys a new challenge every day.  

In 2015, Molly and her husband Shane decided that they wanted to be more self-sufficient and had both always wanted a farm.  They both love to be outside and aren’t afraid of hard work.  They bought some property in Nashville, Indiana and decided to start a small family farm.  They started with 13 chickens, now they have 25 and will be adding 4 piglets in the spring.  Molly and Shane have been working on building their barn themselves with Molly’s families help.  They plan to add a few horses and eventually cows.  Molly enjoys gardening and tooling around on the tractor.  Every evening after work Shane and Molly go out and work in the garden, most evenings they make the kids go with them.  It’s a terrific way to teach their kids how to appreciate the food that they are eating.  They try to grow everything from seed, either seeds from a previous year’s harvest or seeds they pick up in the spring for the new garden additions.

Molly’s son, Jackson (11), is passionate about robots, history, military and sports.  Like most kids he loves his video games too.  Molly enjoys going to baseball games and watching Jackson pitch.  Molly’s step-daughter, Layna (15), is in high school.  She thinks she wants to be a nurse.  She’s a hard worker already, cleaning commercial properties after school and on weekends, then works at a landscaping company during the summer.  

Molly’s brother Casey (33) is autistic and her favorite person in the world.  He can brighten anyone’s day and gives the greatest hugs.  Casey is a huge fan of anything that goes fast and watching sports, Go CUBS!  Casey is a great uncle to both of Molly’s children and the best brother a girl could ask for.  If you ever have questions about autism or ways you can help, Molly would be happy to talk to you.

If Molly isn’t in the office or working around her small family farm you will find her cooking at the local food pantry, working events for the Brown County Community Foundation or wrapping gifts at Goods for Cooks during the holidays.


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