It is better to be unhappy and know the worst, than to be happy in a fool’s paradise.
— Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Idiot 1868 - 1869

Cell: 760-805-1831
Main: 812-822-0400
Fax: 812-650-3892
Email: james@vet-env.com

James recently joined the VET team in 2018 after graduating from Indiana University in December 2017 with a Master of Science in Environmental Science. He also has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and has previously worked in analytical research and development. He will work to continue developing methods and standard operating procedures for VET. He is passionate about all things environmental but his personal focus is on water quality. James hopes to find ways to improve river waters in the US in the future.

James enjoys cooking, traveling, hiking, camping, biking, and kayaking. However, his favorite pastime is whitewater kayaking. James has had the chance to hit some great whitewater in beautiful locations such as Tennessee, Georgia, West Virginia, Colorado, Montana, and Idaho. He recently completed a Rescue 3 International Whitewater Rescue Technician certification and looks forward to being a safe and helpful paddler out on the river.